[kdenlive] Git branch for release and translations

Vincent Pinon vpinon at kde.org
Thu Feb 26 21:22:47 UTC 2015

Le jeudi 26 février 2015, 11:52:27 Dan Dennedy a écrit :
> Which branch do you recommend for the build script provided by MLT
> and our build server that is providing the nightly downloads?
> Most users will not have KF5 runtime to run the nightly nor KF5 dev
> to run the script themselves.
> I assume most people using these are interested in a recent stable version
> - not necessarily the bleeding edge. 

The latest commits on kdelibs4 version are pointed by "v0.9.x" branch,
but it will not receive translation updates anymore,
nor development effort from JB and I...
If someone wants to maintain it, it is always possible to reactivate
the development support services on kde.org for such a branch.

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