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Vincent Pinon vpinon at april.org
Tue Feb 17 11:24:31 UTC 2015

Le mardi 17 février 2015, 16:22:04 Gurjot Singh Bhatti a écrit :> Oh okay.> So from where do I start? Some smaller tasks may be or some thing else.

As usual, newcomers are suggested to... read docs :-\

But it's also good to have fun, so you can try to answer old requests
on our old tracker bugs.kdenlive.org, such as:
#3298: Duplicate Title Clip (of course we have the title templates, but this can help)
#2513: Disable all effects in Timeline
(#1347: mute all but selected track : seems someone is trying to get into this on forum...)

Hint: when you're looking for where is located a function, find a string that is associated to that action
(menu text, warning message...) and git grep for it
Hint 2: once you're satified with your mods, use reviewboard.kde.org to submit it

enjoy ;-)

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