[kdenlive] Developing and communicating

Vincent Pinon vpinon at april.org
Thu Feb 5 07:03:59 UTC 2015

Le mercredi 4 février 2015, 16:57:01 Dan Dennedy a écrit :
> On Tue, Feb 3, 2015 at 10:46 PM, Vincent Pinon <vpinon at april.org> wrote:
> > These issues are sometimes with Kdenlive itself, but often with multimedia
> > stack (ffmpeg/libav and MLT combinations: difficult to reproduce every
> > case).
> > Most of the time the solution proposed is to switch to MLT daily builds
> > which
> > embed all the libs, but this is not satisfactory to have broken distro
> > packages!
> I can make a new release of MLT, if you think that will help.

If the latest FFmpeg & LibAV releases are now well handled that would be a good point.
(I've seen commits regarding these changes, I don't know if you considered the update complete)
MLT 0.9.2 dates back from LibAV 0.8 times, and it appears there are some mismatches here & there with 11.2?
I hope it is still time to get it into spring distro releases (but anyway that's good)



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