[Kdenlive-devel] kdenlive

laurent Montel montel at kde.org
Mon Jun 10 07:34:26 UTC 2013

My name is Laurent Montel.
I started to look at code in 0.9.x (before last big merge).
I fixed a lot of code (use const reference, fix memory leak, fix crash etc.)

For me it’s a very good program.

Now I switch to master and fixed some coding style etc.

I am not a lot of time to work on (I still work on kdepim*, I am kmail 
maintainer and I works on several kdepim* apps).

So I need to have more infos on which part of kdenlive  I can work, which part 
I can reactivate ? Etc.
For example “configure settings” ? What we must to do with it ?

For clip menu I think that we must split it in submenu. This menu is too big.

Otherwise I saw that we have a specific new file format, so we need to keep 
compatibility with old version.

That’s all for now.


Laurent Montel | laurent.montel at kdab.com | KDE/Qt Senior Software Engineer
KDAB (France) S.A.S., a KDAB Group company
Tel. France +33 (0)4 90 84 08 53, Sweden (HQ) +46-563-540090

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