[Kdenlive-devel] Support for more clip types

Brian Matherly pez4brian at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 23 19:54:19 UTC 2013


>Sorry for taking so much time to answer...
>I completely agree with the producer proposal. I am currently busy fixing bugs 
>for the 0.9 branch and hope to make a release in about 10 days.
>When I make the release, I will make an announcement and a week later, we 
>could move the refactoring branch to master. It is important that we give some 
>delay because several packagers / build scripts are using current git master 
>to provide a "bleeding edge" version of Kdenlive, and they will need to switch 
>to the 0.9 branch until refactoring is usable.
>I will be really happy to start working on the refactoring branch. However I 
>don't know how we can coordinate the work between us since some core parts are 
>changed. I think maybe we can use the list when we plan to work on a part of 
>Kdenlive to explain basically what we plan to do so that the others can speak.

Great. It sounds like the refactor will be in master in about 3 weeks. I'll bring the topic up then and we can decide how to proceed at that time.


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