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Fri Sep 2 22:44:46 UTC 2011

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On 09/03/2011 12:05 AM, jb wrote:
> Hi all.
> We are already very late for the 0.8.2 Kdenlive release, so I would
> like to prepare it in the beginning of next week.
> Most remaining issues have been fixed if I am right, we only need
> the upgrade mechanism for the frei0r plugins that did not follow
> the specs (0 - 1 range for double params).
> There are 2 things to solve here:
> 1) Change the effect XML depending on the filter version
> I did some test and managed to have a working implementation that
> will bring different parameters depending on the filter version,
> see my last commit: 
> http://kdenlive.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/kdenlive?view=revision&revision=5855

it correct that only one file was committed?

> 2) upgrade project files using older version of the filter
> Since MLT now stores the frei0r filter version in the xml data, it
> should be pretty straightforward. Till, are you taking care of it?
> I will have some time between the 5th an the 7th of September in
> case some work is required on that side.

Sorry for the delay, I am fighting with QtScript for a week now (with
little spare time). The result unfortunately is a lot of redundancy
across the XML files and overall ugliness.
As you can see in the attached file: Way to much code for only a
single file...
The adopt function could be replaced by what you introduced in your
latest commit or by what Dan proposed: Do the same thing you
implemented but on parameter level (-> less duplication).
Regarding the update thing I don't know.... Levels is a rather easy
example but on other effects we can't just multiply the whole thing by
a factor since we also have to consider keyframes. Rather easy however
with the update function concept. Anyone any ideas on how to do it
with less code?

The adopt function is fully integrated in Kdenlive and works, but is
probably to be removed again.
The result of the update function is not yet replacing the original
effect in the project. I will try to finish it this weekend. Well that
is unless someone comes up with a better idea.

For the update thing to work a MLT release would be required, too. @Dan?

> Once both steps have been taken for the filters that will be
> modified in frei0r, I will prepare the release.

What about that 10 tracks bug?

> Now, there are a lot of exciting things in the future!
> When the 0.8.2 release is done, we will move to Kde's git servers.
> I think the best would be to import current svn trunk there, and
> then forward-port the changes from the refactoring branch, because
> there were far too many commits in trunk to do it the other way...
> Would that be ok for you Granjow, Till and Alberto?

Does everybody already have KDE git access?
@Dan, you might want to apply for an account too. (via identity.kde.org)

> So once we have migrated to git, we will need to import the stuff
> that is ready from the refactoring branch.
> On my side, I am currently rewriting the effect stack widget in
> preparation of the exciting new "mask" feature that will allow to
> apply effects to a region of a clip only (see my last mail on
> mlt-devel). I have an almost working implementation, picture here:
> http://kdenlive.org/images/effectstack2.jpeg

Looks promising!

> We will also have to do some work to implement the new MLT
> stabilization filters, and I am sure that a lot of other things
> will come up.

If I ever have more time again I will probably work completely on the
refactoring (no new features). Hopefully this won't result in the same
quality than the attached file ...


> But first, let's try to release that damn 0.8.2!
> regards jb

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