[Kdenlive-devel] HD Videos

Evert Vorster evorster at gmail.com
Sun Nov 27 12:21:07 UTC 2011

Hi there.

If you were to upgrade to the latest kdenlive, I think you would be
pleasantly surprised.

With your current kdenlive, you can only transcode to DNxHD video
format, and edit like that.

The latest versions of kdenlive allows you to specify a "proxy" to be
generated for a file over a certain resolution.

This takes a while, but editing is a breeze afterwards.

In short, if you can, upgrade!


2011/11/27 Stefan Naumann <snaumann2912 at yahoo.de>:
> Hey there,
> I'm using KDEnlive v 0.7.8 (so pretty old) but when I try to use HD material
> (especially big 1080p one) KDEnlive does crash a lot. Why? Can't you let
> ffmpeg transcode the HD-material to lets say 480p instead, then I will do my
> thing with KDEnlive and on exporting, all the things I did will be done to
> the hd-material. I don't know whether this'd be a good idea, but it might be
> useful in terms of speed of the program. (while I do my thing)
> Regards Stefan.
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