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Sun Nov 20 20:57:17 UTC 2011

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On 10/13/2011 09:11 PM, Dan Dennedy wrote:
> http://www.readwriteweb.com/cloud/2011/10/the-state-of-diaspora-and-fund.php
>  After this and Novacut, I feel that most open source projects run 
> through Kickstarter end up receiving a lot of resentment. The 
> community funding model does not match the user expectations.

Additionally: When I first had the idea of working full time on
Kdenlive I thought about some neat new features (definitely no special
effects though ;)). Such a defined goal would probably make a fund
raising more attractive. However since I'll have very little time till
April and since nobody did have much time in the past few months this
probably won't work out. I am not willing to add any big features to
the existing code. While it has served Kdenlive great in the past it's
structures can't hold all of Kdenlive's features anymore. That's what
we concluded in Randa. So I would have to work on refactoring. But how
do you sell refactoring?

> On Wed, Sep 28, 2011 at 12:06 AM, Simon A. Eugster
> <simon.eu at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On 19.09.2011 19:32, Till Theato wrote:
>>> On 09/17/2011 11:10 PM, Ernie Zahn wrote:
>>>> Hey Simon Sounds great! I'll draft a script then?
>>> Wait, wait, wait ... (just a little bit ;)) but thanks for the
>>> will to take care of this!
>>> There is no 100% certainty that I'll be able to spend this time
>>> on Kdenlive, so we need an alternative just in case. I'd also
>>> like to hear opinions from the others about how money donated 
>>> to Kdenlive should be used. Maybe someone else would also be
>>> able to spend some time on Kdenlive? Maybe Hardware?
>>>> @Till, I think the fact that Novacut just did one is a good
>>>> reason to do one now. Kdenlive is public and is waaay past
>>>> proof of concept. Users can test drive it for themselves. We
>>>> could advertise at as funding for version 1.0. I can speak to
>>>> that personally since I haven't been developing but it's a
>>>> thought.
>>> We then have to make sure we don't promise to much, so we
>>> don't frustrate anyone.
>> Hehe. Sometimes I wonder if we at kdenlive are too honest. Others
>> promise a better world and want money before they even know how
>> to do it.
>> I saw some smaller projects on kickstarter as well. What about
>> putting just your 2 months on kickstarter as soon as you know you
>> can spend your time on

I will be able to work on it for 8-10 weeks somewhere between April
(including) and July (including).

>> doing it? I'm not sure if a bigger campaign would help us too
>> much at the moment, since our main limit is not money but time.
>> And more programmers ;)

Even at this scale it will definitely require quite some work.
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