[Kdenlive-devel] Workflow for new (and current) contributors

jb jb at kdenlive.org
Wed Nov 9 15:16:52 UTC 2011


The move to git and KDE servers is now functional, and I think we need to 
agree on how we integrate new developers, and what are the rules to join / 
contribute to Kdenlive.

First, developers need to understand and comply to the git workflow (which 
branch should be used for what, ...), Alberto will probably write something 
about it in the next days.

1) Getting a developer account

I am not very sure about that, but my first idea was to make it rather easy to 
get a developer account, maybe request a quick presentation on the mailing 
list unless the contributor is already known in one way or another.

New developers get developer access on the git repo and a developer access on 
the Mantis bug tracker.

If that is not working, we can change it to a more formal way: send x patches 
before getting access... but my previous experience on KDE's repository where 
a lot of people had write access was rather positive.

2) Contribution and collaboration

How about that:

When someone wants to work on a bug or a feature, the process is:

 - Assign a mantis issue to yourself (create a new ticket if bug or feature 
does not yet exist in mantis). That way, we can keep an eye on who's doing 
what in the project.

 - If the feature involves important changes to Kdenlive or can change the way 
users work with Kdenlive, post a mail on the devel mailing list so that we can 
discuss about the implementation and consequences.

 - Work in your branch and request comments / review if you are unsure about 
your work

 - Merge to next for review / testing

 - When one of the project maintainer says it's ok, merge to head.

Of course, this is not required for normal / simple bug fixing which can be 
committed to master.

If a developer does not follow the rules and repeatedly breaks the code or 
introduces too much bugs, we revoke his git developer access and request him 
to send patches for his contributions.

New contributors can also send patches to the mailing list, and we are also 
looking at KDE's reviewbord system which allows to send patches.

When we agree on something, I will set up a web page explaining how to 
contribute / join Kdenlive, so your comments are welcome.


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