[Kdenlive-devel] Git workflow

Alberto Villa avilla at freebsd.org
Sat Nov 5 10:22:41 UTC 2011

On Friday 04 November 2011 15:55:19 jb wrote:
> Thanks for the explanations! I now have read your mail 3 times and I 
> I understood!

Eheh, sorry! :D

> So if I put it in other words, it would work like this:
> * If I want to fix a simple thing:
> - I work on it on my local copy of master and commit it directly to 
> then it is also merged to 'next'.


> * If I want to work on something more complicated, ex. rewrite effect
> stack:
> - I create a remote 'feature' branch from master
> - I work on it and commit my changes to the branch, other people can 
> help - When it is ready for testing, I merge my branch into 'next'
> - Bug fixes go in my 'feature' branch and are merged again in 'next' for
> testing
> - When it is stable, my 'feature' branch is merged into 'master', 'master'
> is merged into 'next' and my remote 'feature' branch is deleted.

Actually, it's better to merge the branch both to master and next 
instead of merging master to next. And you can keep the branch alive 
should you plan to add something more in the future. Anyway, yes.

> * Of course one can also work on a local branch of master for some
> reasons...

Of course. Any remote branch starts as a local one anyway, so you can 
always wait before making it remote if you like.

> Now, I have 2 questions / comments:
> 1) What about string freeze? My proposal to wait a few weeks before 
> new features after a release was to make sure that no new string is
> introduced if we make a .1 release. But then it would block 
> so I think that if we need to make a .1 release, it is probably better to
> do as you proposed: create a new branch from the release tag, fix the
> problems in this branch, create new release from that branch then 
> changes to master.

Yes, this would work fine, and you'd have no new strings in the release 

> 2) Are some of the merges automated? I mean that if I fix a stupid bug 
> 'master', will it automatically be merged to 'next' or do I have to do it
> manually?

I can ask to sysadmin at . I'm sure they can automate some stuff.

> We shoud probably set up a web page to list the commands for the 
> common operations (create a branch, merge it to next, how to update 
> branch with latest changes from master or next, ...)

Yes, also explaining our workflow.
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