[Kdenlive-devel] OpenGL monitor display

jb jb at kdenlive.org
Sun Sep 26 23:01:55 UTC 2010


A quick note to tell you that I have been playing with the OpenGL monitor 
widget that was written by Dan to replace SDL monitors on Mac OS, and I am 
thinking about switching everyone (I mean Linux / FreeBSD users) to this 
OpenGL display.

There are currently several drawbacks:
* OpenGl display is slower than SDL (might be improved by better integration 
between OpenGL and MLT or maybe by an OpenGL expert...) which means the frame 
rate is slightly slower - at least for me.
* OpenGL might not be available an every hardware.

The positive points:

* OpenGl integrates better than SDL in Qt/KDE, which means for example that if 
you have a dual monitor setup youcan have fullscreen video display on one 
monitor, with the other one showing Kdenlive (I just committed this a few 
hours ago in svn).
* No more flicker on pause / play.
* This will probably solve the multiple SDL concurency related crashes (mostly 
experienced when starting Kdenlive or loading a project).

As a first step, I will probably allow users to choose between SDL and OpenGL 
in a config option.

For those interested, I think I will try to rewrite parts of the Monitor stuff 
which is currently a bit messy so that we can have a slightly cleaner 
communication between timeline, monitors and MLT.

Comments welcome.

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