[Kdenlive-devel] Blog!

Simon A. Eugster simon.eu at gmail.com
Sun Sep 5 20:10:24 UTC 2010

On 05.09.2010 21:55, Till Theato wrote:
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> On 08/28/2010 06:45 PM, jb wrote:
>> Hi!
>> As you might know, we are planning to do some work on the Kdenlive website for
>> the next release. One idea is to have developers blog about the new features
>> they have been working on for this release.
>> I already wrote a short teaser announcing the 0.7.8 release:
>> http://kdenlive.org/users/j-b-m/getting-ready-kdenlive-078
>> I was thinking about blog entries that would present the feature and explain
>> how to use it, with some screenshot.
>> So you are all encouraged to write something about your work, just go to
>> kdenlive.org>  create content>  blog entry
> Looks like I either do not have the right to write a blog post, or I
> simply do not find the button. Could you please help.

Should work now.


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