[Kdenlive-devel] Questions about audio effects

Hugh Tebby hugh.tebby at gmail.com
Fri Jun 4 08:39:17 UTC 2010

Thanks for your answers Dan. I suppose I'l have to dive down the rabbit hole
into MLT wonderland !

I'll be looking into this in the next few weeks. Actually I think that even
the simple first step of disabling effects that don't work at the moment
would be quite useful, so I'll start off with that.

2010/6/3 Dan Dennedy <dan at dennedy.org>

> 2010/5/31 wille <wille.yyz at gmail.com>:
> > Yes, left/right stereo balance.
> >
> > It would be very useful a feature that allow split a stereo audio clip in
> > two mono clips.
> Well, now you have requested two different new features when Hugh was
> volunteering to do some cleanup. The lack of balance/pan is already
> well known and on my todo list. I praise Hugh's interest in
> volunteering for some cleanup and would be saddened to see him
> distracted.
> One thing you can do today is to split the audio and video and add the
> clip again on an audio track. Then, use the channelcopy filter on both
> audio clips to isolate left vs. right. Finally, you can use the
> keyframable volume effect on each to do panning. Unfortunately, today
> channelcopy is exposed in Kdenlive as simply "Mono to stereo," but you
> can alter the effect XML file for that to add "to" and "from" channel
> parameters (0 is left, 1 is right). ("Mono to stereo" may seem like a
> strange name, but it was added specifically for the case where a clip
> only has a mono track and you do not want it both channels and not
> just left.)
> MLT and Kdenlive does not support the notion of a different number of
> channels per track. So your second request is much longer term, if
> ever, especially considering that I am still working on proper
> multichannel (>2) support. I have been doing a lot with multichannel
> in the past year for broadcast applications of MLT, but there are
> still some gaps to add it in Kdenlive. One of these is surround
> panning, which would also be capable of stereo.
> > 2010/5/31 Hugh Tebby <hugh.tebby at gmail.com>
> >>
> >> Do you mean left/right stereo balance ? I don't think there's such an
> >> effect available in Sox or Ladspa... Would probably have to be done
> directly
> >> with MLT...
> That is correct.
> >> 2010/5/31 wille <wille.yyz at gmail.com>
> >>>
> >>> By the way, I feel the need of a Balance audio effect or a similar
> tool.
> >>>
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