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Roland Kaeser roli8200 at yahoo.de
Thu Jan 22 21:02:38 UTC 2009

Hello all

Sorry for My additional two cents but I'm currently in "producing" a wedding (used 3 dv-cameras and a minidisc for recording the microphone sound from the PA-Mixer) film using kdenlive 0.7.1 (compiled from svn using the builder wizard) on SuSE 11.0 (updated to kde 4.1.3, qt 4.4). I found some (many) things that don't crashes the program but repeatetly produces problems in the daily work. So I hope somebody can take a look on it. Gernally I see kdenlive is on a very good way to get a really powerful application.

The Problems I saw/see in using kdenlive are:

- It often looses the "connection" to the X-Window-System while editing the film. So the project and/or clip preview window remains black until the program is restarted.

- When creating a fade-in/fade-out effect it often don't allows it to manually change the fade in/out time in the dialog box (changeing the time value has no effect)

- When try to mark multiple clips for moving it forward/backward it (kdenlive) moves single clips on diffrent tracks at the beginning of the track from which (the wrongly moved clips) are not longer editable or moveable. Also undo doesn't helps. Just close (without save), and start kdenlive again.

- When adding transititions between tracks (i mostly use the luma transitition) and the secondary (underlying) is nearly as long as the above clip to which i make a transitition, the transition goes to the full lenght of the underlying clip so that the transition becomes 3 or 4 minutes long. There should be a automatic lenght limitation of transitions while they initially created. 

- Then creating transitions with keyframes (such as the composite transitition) the keyframe positions is later not changeable anymore. I'm also probably just to dumb to figure out how it works. 

- The Packman-Package crashes at program startup when using the newest mlt and qt packages from packman and the suse build service (so I had to self compile the prog).

Is there a color correction video filter in planning? The current project is filmed in a very difficult light environment and all the cameras (3chip profi cams) had serious problems with the white balance, so I would like to make a discreet color correction on the clips.

To get a bit closer to the look and feel of premiere/after effects, the effects setting should be part (integrated into) of the video tracks. I had a very old version of after effects (5.5) which every clip has its own set of default effects as a kind of small sub track (see attached screenshot) and its own keyframes for each effect. This makes it much easier to keep track of the situation.

So thanks for the listening I just would give a some hints from a "normal" user of kdenlive and hope it helps to make the prog even better.


Roland Käser

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Betreff: [Kdenlive-devel] Next release...

Hello everyone.

I fixed several important issues in the last week that could corrupt project 
files when re-opening them. So I think it is important to make a new release 

I would like to release the next version at the end of the month (31 of 

One bug I want to fix for the release is:

Crash related to folder handling and project/clip ids

I?will also try to fix support for h.264 with b frame dropping:

If you have other very important issues or comments, it's time to speak...


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