[Kdenlive-devel] Testing packages

Stéphane Téletchéa steletch at free.fr
Mon Jan 5 16:41:53 UTC 2009

----- "Jean-Michel Pouré" <jm at poure.com> a écrit :

> On Tue, 2008-12-23 at 22:35 +0100, Alberto Villa wrote:
> > i'm quite sure we can test the quality of the packages we use (but
> i'm
> > doing 
> > packages for my os so i'm not the one who can say this)
> Hello Alberto,
> Per discussion with Mads, we are taking care of testing packages.
> Mads
> is handling Ubuntu, I am handling SuSE + Mandriva. I thinks this will
> help us spend less time on support and more time on other issues or
> on
> the family :)
> Kind regards,
> Jean-Michel

For Mandriva, Funda is providing very updated snapshots of kdenlive 
and i'm ensuring they are working for every releases, i'm not on cooker 
at the moment, but be sure the packages are tested.


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