[Kdenlive-devel] big files = no fun

Melchior FRANZ melchior.franz at gmail.com
Tue Dec 8 01:08:19 UTC 2009


after months of just toying around with kdenlive I tried for the first time to
do an actual project. I started with putting three ~1 GB files on the timeline,
one after the other, then wanted to watch parts of it in the project viewer.

Unfortunately, the viewer was only usable in the first GB file. In the second
the first (important!) seconds of the visuals weren't displayed at all, while
the sound continued as expected. Visuals and sound were no longer in sync. In
the third part the shift was even bigger. I could see one thing and hear something
that may have happened minutes before. Of course, one can't work under these
circumstances. Setting the cursor seems to work for sound only. The viewer
just displays *something*.

Now, I'm using HEAD of pretty much everything (KDE, mlt, ffmpeg, x264,
kdenlive, ...), and such problems are exactly what one deserves in that case.
I'm willing to write a proper bug report, but all that sounds like a pretty
basic problem. Do people not work with bigger files? Or am I just too picky?

m.  :-)

PS: That's under Linux 2.6.32 (x86_64, Athlon64 X2).

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