[Kdenlive-devel] Hi there!

Evert Vorster evorster at gmail.com
Sat Dec 5 21:08:03 UTC 2009

Hello there.

I used to use OpenMovieEditor, as it was the only video editor that supports
the AVCHD that my Canon HF100 produces.

I recently noticed that kdenlive also supports this format!
Richard Spindler, the lead developer of OME, is persuing other interests,
and development on this application has officially stopped till further

I am also a software tester for Sorcerer, a sources based linux

So, I decide to give kdenlive a spin.

Straight away, I run into problems. I can't find a source for
libschroedinger that will compile on my system. There seems to be some
conflict in it's gst headers. If anyone has a patch to get that to compile
on a machine with the latest gst-plugins-base installed, it would be greatly

So, I skip libschroedinger, despite the dire warnings on the site about
getting all the requirements installed first. My FFMPEG is 0.5, I might
upgrade to running it from svn again.

With MLT I have some issues as well, mostly it not liking my non-standard
installation of KDE.. ( it's installed into /opt/kde4 )

Finally I get enough of the requirements of kdenlive satisfied to allow it
to build & install.

It looks like a great program, and would very much like to help you guys
with carefully crafted bug reports and backtraces and all that...

But first I guess I have to install kdenlive properly first. :) So, I'll
check in again once I get that libschroedinger properly installed.

I know you guys have a building wizard script, but unfortunately if I am to
integrate kdenlive into Sorcerer, I can't use it.

So, I basically just wanted to say hi, and I hope working with you guys on
kdenlive will be a pleasure.

-Evert Vorster-

http://magnatune.com - Music shared the way it should be.
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