[Kdenlive-devel] Is there a need for an update to Kdenlive Builder Wizard?

Mads Bondo Dydensborg mads at dydensborg.dk
Thu Dec 3 08:42:08 UTC 2009

Hi there

It appears I will soon have a bit more freetime on my hands. Which implies I 
may actually be able to contribute a bit to Kdenlive, instead of just lurking 
on the list. 

As you may recall, I (sort of) contributed to Kdenlive by doing the Kdenlive 
Builder Wizard (which, btw, is getting near to 5000 downloads).

However KBW does not really work with recent versions of ffmpeg. It needs an 
update to keep working. But, I really do not want to support Kommander for 
KDE3 anymore, nor port it to Kommander for KDE4 (I've had way to many quirks 
with Kommander to want to do that).

Rewriting it would be an option. Would take quite a bit of time though.

"rico" has started a poll/petition sort of thing on 
for/by users. Nice, but I would really like to know if the developers feel I 
should keep on supporting KBW (actually, develop a new wizard/assistant, based 
on PyQt4, I reckon).

I am mostly thinking if e.g. the bug/crash reports generated by KBW are 
usefull? (For bug reports, that is) If you think it (still?) helps widening 
the audience of Kdenlive (now that most distros seems to follow Kdenlive, this 
clearly is less of an issue now). Or other things, that I have not thought of. 
Things that would be good when dealing with user issues?

Thanks in advance for helping me out



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