[Kdenlive-devel] General patterns in the wishlist items

Cinephiliac bugsbane at gmail.com
Mon Nov 24 03:22:05 UTC 2008

DISCLAIMER: This email has no urgent action items, problems or questions. Just 
observations. Feel free to skip if your time is short. :)

Looking at the list of wishlists in Mantis right now, it really looks quite 
huge and overwhelming, however, going through and triaging most of the bugs in 
there, I've noticed that the majority of them actually fall into one of only a 
couple of categories in order.

1. Keyframe editing of effects (there's a lot of these)
2. Making the render dialogue more flexible and simple.
3. Improved display and manipulation of tracks for audio.
4. Shortcuts

Of course there's always the usual requests for things that fall well beyond 
the scope of Kdenlive, such as a number of audio requests that are more in 
line with a high end, audio only app, But of all the reasonable requests, I 
was surprised by how many fit one of the categories above.

I'm not proposing anything here specifically, except that we take these 
patterns into consideration when deciding where to put our efforts. Happily, 
all of these seem to be well represented in the roadmap, which to me says 
we're going in the right direction. :)

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