[Kdenlive-devel] Fwd: relative paths in project files

Alberto Villa villa.alberto at gmail.com
Tue Nov 18 04:17:37 UTC 2008

On Tuesday 18 November 2008 04:01:48 Dan Dennedy wrote:
> Yes, this would not be permitted to be integrated into inigo because I
> do not want to add the dependencies and UI; inigo needs to remain
> simple and be able to run headless. But kdenlive is free to not use
> inigo, the command line tool. The command line tool is minimal, and
> all the power of inigo is still available in the libs, as demonstrated
> by kdenlive.

i'm sorry but i don't know how inigo works, please be patient and help me 
understand ;)
i think inigo (as part of mlt) is somewhere called in kdenlive; it receives 
some args and the absolute path of a file, am i mistaken? if the md5 thing is 
completely handled by kdenlive (easy, i've almost implemented it to show 
something to the list), which will keep on calling inigo with absolute paths, 
is there any difference? i don't want great changes, i'm not even a developer, 
i just want to help with an easy feature i consider to be essential
Alberto Villa <villa.alberto at gmail.com>

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