[Kdenlive-devel] Kdenlive 0.7 SVN: my questions

Ruslan Popov rpopov at jet.msk.su
Mon Nov 17 07:54:03 UTC 2008


I have built ffmpeg, mlt. mlt++ and kdenlive packages for Kubuntu 8.10 amd64
and made some test. The GUI part looks very good and almost stable, it
crashes only two times for a day, not bad.

Where is a scene detection (especially for DV sources) when I load a clip?
Where is a double pass DVD encoding profile. The default one pass PAL-DVD
profile with 5000k of video bitrate produces ugly output.
Try to add 16x9 DV clip on timeline, make some editions, then export to DV
file. What is happen with aspect ration of result DV?
If I have DV clip, I make some editions, just cut and mix without any
transition, why it recodes the material, it can simple pass trough the DV
frames in right sequence to output DV. Isn't it?

MLT developers may introduce dv2sub functionality to its library as
consumer, to allow users get the DV timecode.

Unfortunately (for Kdenlive), Kino is much better.

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