[Kdenlive-devel] Weird character encoding handling in file names?

Albert ARIBAUD albert.aribaud at free.fr
Tue Nov 11 21:25:16 UTC 2008


Current Kdenlive acts weird on me: accents in my file paths (e.g. DV 
paths for clips) in the kdenlive file get changed, e.g. "Vidéo" becomes 
"Vidéo". One can see that by loading a kdenlive file with normally 
accented chars and saving it to another name.

Curiously, when loading the original file, kdenlive can find the clips 
since it can play the clips and the project, but it cannot resize or 
move a clip on the time line (stderr output says it cannot find the clip 
file, and the clip on the timeline disappears).

Anyone have a clue what could cause this? I'm using ffmpeg, mlt, mlt++ 
and kdenlive4 fresh from svn.


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