[Kdenlive-devel] Path to improve support for loading kdenlive 0.5 files

Mads Bondo Dydensborg mads at dydensborg.dk
Sun Nov 2 14:23:54 UTC 2008

søndag 02 November 2008 skrev Jean-Michel Pouré:
> Marvelous,
> This can only be better than previous solutions.
> I cannot test your dev (lack of 0.5 files here), but please go ahead and 

OK, I have commited. And, in 2616, I have made a commit that should also 
support the folders - at least it works with the two "big"/multifolder 
kdenlive 0.5 projects that I have.

The title clips does not work. Also, editing a "big" kdenlive 0.5 file is 
pretty fragile, but this is still an improvement compared to yesterday. (And, 
some of it may actually just be kdenlive that is fragile when handling big 
files, not due to the file itself). I've had to disable the sound thumbnails 
to work with these files, but I suspect that it is actually because there is 
a bug in kdenlive, not due to internal errors in the files.

I think I'll try to get the title clips to work too. I have a 99% finished 
kdenlive 0.5 project, but I am unable to build a version of kdenlive 0.5 that 
does not crash all the time :-/



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