[Kdenlive-devel] kdenlive intensive use

g.marco at freenet.de g.marco at freenet.de
Wed Apr 30 07:40:09 UTC 2008

Am Dienstag, 29. April 2008 schrieb opensourcecat:
> Hi all devs. I just wanted to let you know that for a couple of days i had
> (and will have for the entire week) the opportunity to work intensively
> with kdenlive for various project. My version is the current kde3 svn with
> a week old ffmpeg (also svn).
> Crashes are not so frequent as they where some months ago but still
> annoing. Kdenlive is crashing frequently but also behaving strange like not
> showing the content of a clip on the timeline (showing it after a restart)
> and such strange things, randomly. I just had a crash moving a clip from a
> track to another for two times consecutively...
can you run this in gdb and make a backtrace for that issue?
> I know you are really taken by the kde4 porting but i wish you can spend
> some more time to release a stable (and last) version for kde3.
the kde4 version is more developed as the kde3 version. but the last week we 
have also not that much time for the kde4 version. if you found a bug that is 
reproducable, i'll try to fix that in kde3-version (gdb backtrace)
> What i'm here to suggest is a irc meeting with devs/users to share some
> point of view and the feeling about how much kdenlive is stable. Maybe we
> can have a meeting like the "kde4-krush days" we had with kde4-devs the
> weeks before 4.0 to see if we can spot some bug together. We can also build
> a page on the wiki with the results of the meeting to take users up to date
> with what will come for this great piece of software and if will be a 0.6
> stable release.
we meet sometimes at #kdenlive-dev. an infopage is the news and update page at 
kdenlive.org. the changes from the last months are more internal than new 
features, so no new news about big changes. if we have more time for 
developing next (or more developer/patch creator/doc writer/wiki updater) 
this would help to inform and fix bugs.
> Thanks, Very thanks to all Devs involved in giving us kdenlive. Let me know
> what you think.

regards marco

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