[Kdenlive-devel] kdenlive export problems

Jared Henley jared.henley at gmail.com
Tue Apr 29 21:14:44 UTC 2008


I'm running into a problem with export from kdenlive.  If I export to raw
DV, the video comes out too short (eg 279 frames in, 214 frames out).  But
doing a test to a DivX worked fine, so I suspect that the problem lies with
ffmpeg/avformat rather than kdenlive.  It looks to me like a NTSC to PAL
framerate conversion is going on -- every 4th frame or so is dropped, making
the resulting video jerky.

Here are the details:

Source video:
PAL DV (16:9, progressive)

kdenlive export command:
kdenlive_renderer "/home/pj/dada07-finished/export.sh.westley" real_time=0
resize=hyper in=0 out=280 -consumer avformat:$output_file real_time=0
stats_on=2 qscale=0 format=dv ildct=1 pix_fmt=yuv420p size=720x576

archlinux.  the kdenlive, ffmpeg and x264 packages are quite old because its
the easiest way I can get it to work.  archlinux no longer carries a binary
for kdenlive, and newer versions of ffmpeg break kdenlive library
dependencies, and I've had trouble building kdenlive from svn.

kdenlive version: 0.6 svn (1727)
mlt version: svn 1036
ffmpeg version: 20070505
x264 version: 20070616

Thanks for your assistance,

Jared Henley
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