[Kdenlive-devel] Export is wrong footage

Jeffrey Thomas eljefedelito at gmail.com
Fri Sep 28 21:27:39 UTC 2007

> Please indicate the format and codecs of the videos you are editing.
Indeed, my error!  These are DV-type2 files captured from my videocamera with Kino.  All output formats give these results (aka wrong footage).  One person told me that it could be a bug in FFMPEG, so I compiled and installed a new version of that, with the Kdenlive-suggested configure flags; it has not solved the rendered timeline error (wrong footage).

If needed, I can supply files or something.  I wanted to capture the footage looking correctly in Kdenlive with a screen capture program, but I have since had other issues which now maked my whole Kdenlive pretty unusable :(  (I sent that email out shortly after Export issue; its subject was Corrupt Timeline and I can send it again if needed)

Thank you,


On Friday 28 September 2007 16:11:09 Dan Dennedy wrote:
> el jefe delito wrote:
> > When I export a video with SVN 2007 09 09 (from Trevino's Ubuntu 
> > repository 0.5+svn20070909~3v1ubuntu0), the final output is the wrong 
> > footage.  It seems that the areas that I have selected (which show up 
> > correctly in my editing preview) are somehow corresponding to 
> > different points on the video files, so that the final video is 
> > totally unlike what I have laid out.  Obviously the wrong footage made 
> > it into the exported video. Has anyone else seen this?
> Please indicate the format and codecs of the videos you are editing.

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