[Kdenlive-devel] New binary RPMS and transition problem

wayne shakacat at ukulele.com
Mon Sep 17 04:10:26 UTC 2007

Thank you for the new Mandriva RPMs for 0.5. So far it has fewer crashes 
than my previous 0.5 installation. However, there is one problem that I 
can't find a work around:

When I create a crossfade transition going from lower left to upper 
right, the upcoming clip (overlapping clip) kicks in a split second 
before the transition starts. This results in a jumpy transition. The 
timeline monitor senses (and displays) the upcoming clip a split second 
before it actually physically arrives. So, the transition looks like 
this: original clip.... split second shot of upcoming overlapping 
clip..... smooth transition from original clip to upcoming clip.

At first, I thought the problem was that the yellow transition was not 
flush with the edge of the upcoming clip and that a tiny sliver of the 
upcoming clip was protruding beyond the yellow transition. But I noticed 
that it doesn't really matter because the timeline monitor displays the 
upcoming clip BEFORE it actually makes contact with cursor.

This does not happen to transitions going from upper left to lower 
right. I realize I could make all of my transitions go from upper left 
to lower right but it will be difficult to manage 6 video tracks when 
all I really need is 2 or 3.

Any help will be appreciated.

Mandriva 2007.1

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