[Kdenlive-devel] Introducing and about Help

cjubon cjubon at wwwagner.net
Thu Sep 13 21:34:53 UTC 2007

José Jorge schrieb:
> cjubon a écrit :
>> What do you mean with "Deutsch one was in English"? I maintain the
>> German Wikibook for Kdenlive and would be interested in anything
>> considered as a bug by any of its users.
> That's not a bug, just unfinished work : the Mandriva installation text 
> is still in english in the deutsch wiki :
> http://de.wikibooks.org/wiki/Kdenlive/_Beschaffung_und_Installation#Mandriva
Yeah, thanks, now it's in German. (BTW, I translated the Gentoo section
on the "obtenir et installer" page of the French wikibook - presumably
it should be revised; could you have a look at it? Thank you.)


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