[Kdenlive-devel] problem syncing audio with video

wayne shakacat at ukulele.com
Thu Sep 13 18:46:53 UTC 2007

My project consists of .avi clips from my still digital camera. It's 
over 1 hour long. Kdenlive 0.5 works OK during editing, although it 
crashes a lot.

The crashes include:

If I add too many video clips at one time, it crashes.
If I use the "Shift all clips to the right of mouse" command and there 
are many clips to move, it crashes.
Sometimes it just crashes for no reason.

However, if I save my work frequently, the crashes don't bother me that 
much. My main problem is that when I try to export the timeline to a 
file, the video and audio from the .avi clips do not match up as it does 
in the timeline monitor. Neither does the audio from a separate audio 
track (mp3).

Usually, the .avi audio lags behind the video and the separate audio 
track run very fast.

Also, parts of the video that I edited out reappear in the exported 
version. Other parts that I want to appear, no longer appears in the 
final export. I've tried various different export filters with no 
success; same problem. Any suggestions would be welcomed.

Mandriva 2007.1
Kdenlive 0.5

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