[Kdenlive-devel] feature request dvcapture

Felix Hammer f.hammer at web.de
Fri Jan 19 17:30:51 UTC 2007

Hi jb

I have following Problem with dvcapture. I start capturing and my camera stops 
sometimes after a few scenes because of inaccurate cuts during recording. So 
i have for example the files capture001, capture002, capture003, capture004, 
capture005. When i start new capture on the next scene the new files also 
starts from 001. So i have a new capture001 with a later video-scene. May be 
kdenlive can check which is the latest number and go on with the next? So ... 
when i have capture001, capture002, capture003, capture004, 
capture005 and go on capturing kdenlive name the next scenes capture006, 
capture007, ...
I think that would be useful.


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