[Kdenlive-devel] preview with sound-effects crashes kdenlive

jb jb at ader.ch
Thu Oct 26 17:40:14 UTC 2006

On Thursday 26 October 2006 19:31, Felix Hammer wrote:

> I have installed these from gentoo portage:
> [ebuild   R   ] media-sound/jack-rack-1.4.4  USE="lash nls xml2 -gnome
> -patch" 0 kB [2]
> [ebuild   R   ] media-libs/ladspa-sdk-1.12-r2  0 kB

Ok, I did some searching & realised that my ladspa effects were in fact in a 
package called swh-plugins, web site is at: http://plugin.org.uk/, but there 
are probably packages for most distros. This should be added to the 
requirements package...


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