[Kdenlive-devel] Buyin an HDV camcorder - Advice needed

jmpoure at free.fr jmpoure at free.fr
Thu Oct 12 08:13:05 UTC 2006

Selon Brett Owen <tterbnewo at comcast.net>:
> Also #2, Kdenlive DOES open hdv mpeg2 files, but it doesn't compensate for
> the
> 1-2 second delay between key frames. So it's kind of useless for that, unless
> you convert the mpeg2 file to some other format before editing.

Dear Brett,

Did you try Kdenlive 0.4 svn version?

I did simple work using mpeg2 files as input. I could export the resulting files
without problem. Kdenlive and mlt seem to compensate the 1-2 second frame delay.

My question to the MLT and Kdenlive team is:

When using high quality mpeg2 files as input, is there an option to export using
ffmpeg -a copy -v copy to preserve the quality of the input mpeg2 files (except
when there is a transition). I guess it is called non-destructive video

Does Kdenlive provide non-destructive video editing?

Kind regards,

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