[Kdenlive-devel] Problem with clip length

jb jb at ader.ch
Tue Oct 3 07:38:53 UTC 2006

Ruslan Popov wrote:
> rpopov at nemo::camera$ ffplay dv-001.avi
> --- works fine
> rpopov at nemo::camera$ inigo libdv:dv-001.avi
> Current Position:       1598
> --- stops as shown on screenshot in previous message
> rpopov at nemo::camera$ inigo avformat:dv-001.avi
> Current Position:       6239
> --- works fine

Ok, then it is clearly seems to be a problem with your libdv. Which 
version do you have ?
Let me know & I can make some tests, but updating libdv may solve the 
problem (version 1.0.0 was released a few days ago).


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