[Kdenlive-devel] DV format export (avi support)

jmpoure at free.fr jmpoure at free.fr
Mon Oct 2 11:16:39 UTC 2006

Dear friends,

I am working on a video with broadcast quality.

Hopefuly, I would like to use kdenlive as the main application, export to DV and
then re-open in Avidemux - and then export to various mpeg4 formats.

This is a perfect job for avidemux. But avidemux only accepts DV input wrapped
in an AVI file (opendml would be the best).

Do you see any solution? Is there a solution to convert the DV file into avi DV?
I mean other the running Kino (which would make a lot :) of video applications).

Could kdenlive export to DV within an AVI file by default (maybe a check button
in the export window)?

Kind regards,

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