[Kdenlive-devel] crash on clicking on a clip (Re: Kdenlive 0.4 released)

Carsten Pfeiffer gisl at leonde.de
Tue Dec 26 22:04:09 UTC 2006

On Tuesday 26 December 2006 22:45, jb wrote:

> Just downloaded the clip, but is it normal that the image is all black ?
> When I play it, it's black video with some noise for 1 second.

Yes, that's correct. The "small clip" that I intended to upload turned out to 
be 40 megs, so I created a test-clip and uploaded it to the same URL.

> On my system I can add the clip to kdenlive & use it without crash...
> So I guess the issue is related to the marillat package...

Oh, that's interesting. Still I'm surprised that this only happens with newly 
captured clips, so there must be some difference. Do you have any guess which 
lib could be the cause?


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