[Kdenlive-devel] Problem with text-clip

Lars Scheiter ml.manager.ls at gmx.net
Sun Dec 17 19:25:31 UTC 2006

Hello list,

yesterday i managed to get kdenlive and all its dependencies to compile and 
run and i must say : Wow! Great program! Thats exactly the Software i digged 
for some time now, thanks.
After some experimenting i only have one minor problem remaining. If i use 
a "text-clip" as a start for a new video, in preview everything is okay, but 
if i render it to any format (e.g. mpeg2, mpeg4) i only get an "empty" 
videofile, well its not empty, the file is only 32K long and only one very 
greenish distored picture is shown if the file is played.
The odd thing is this happens on two totally differrent distros. One is debian 
unstable with debian-multimedia packages and the other is kubuntu edgy with 
self compiled packages. As a test i tried to add a text-clip at the end of a 
video, the resulting video stops at the point where the text-clip ought to 
During export there is no error reported as far as i can tell:
kdenlive: ++++++  PREPARE TO WRITE 
TO: /tmp/kde-scheiter/kdenlivel7x7Wa.westley
Nothing more :)


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