[Kdenlive-devel] kdenlive-svn-updater

Felix Hammer f.hammer at web.de
Wed Dec 13 09:44:11 UTC 2006

Hi @all

May be you have also such a little helper to get actual svn-snapshot, but i 
think for new, interested people it could be helpfull. 

For those and for all kdenlive-svn junkies like me ;-) i attached this 
kdenlive-svn-updater-script. I must be run as root.

I'am interested in all ideas to improve the script.
For example: I have to set $KDEPREFIX because as root "kde-prefix" is not in 
$PATH. Another blemish is that the cvs-login stops the script to press enter 
for no password for mlt-cvs. As i commented the cvs-login-line could be 
commented after first run but maybe there is a cleaner way. 

have fun ;-) 

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