[Kdenlive-devel] Languaje environmet (FIXED)

Jean-Michel Pouré jmpoure at free.fr
Tue Dec 5 08:18:50 UTC 2006

Le lundi 04 décembre 2006 à 23:33 +0100, Carlos Dávila a écrit :
> After formatting hd and reinstalling OS and kdenlive, I still had the 
> same problem. All kdenlive GUI was in English. I reviewed all
> messages 
> in this thread, but got no result. Finally I found the answer
> googling 
> and this is what have functioned:
> Within po directory I did:
> msgfmt es.po
> It generated messages.mo, that I renamed to kdenlive.mo and moved to 
> /usr/share/locale/es/LC_MESSAGES/
> That's all. I suppose there must be some way to get it automated and
> it 
> should be done when you install the program, so that anyone can get 
> kdenlive (or any other program) working in the system default
> language 
> with no user intervention.

I thought that 
make; su -c "make install" 
would compile .po files and install them.

If this is not the case for Spanish, it could be a bug.

> Now almost all GUI is in Spanish except windows labels: Project tree, 
> Transitions, Effects List, Effect Stack, Timeline Monitor, Clip
> Monitor 
> and Capture Monitor. Any idea? 

This was discussed before.
remove .kde/share/config/kdenliverc
and start Kdenlive again.

Some strings are stored in kdenliverc file.
This is a known issue, but it wron't get fixed soon.

Kind regards,

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