[Kdenlive-devel] crash in version 0.4.0 (svn)

jb jb at ader.ch
Sun Dec 3 22:02:56 UTC 2006

On Sunday 03 December 2006 19:36, Andy Steinhauf wrote:

> With the latest svn version i can reproduce the crash, too and I can't add
> clips anymore (avi, mp4), which works before (the same clips). Now kdenlive
> crashes while loading the clips:

Can you play a clip through inigo ?

inigo my_movie.mp4

Which versions of MLT, MLT++ and FFMEG are you using ?
Also, which version of KDE are you using ? Some KDE release had a bug which 
crashed Kdenlive when trying to add clips because of the preview in the Open 
File dialog. 

From the backtrace, it seems like it is your problem. Try disabling it (F11 to 
hide/show preview) in the add clip dialog before selecting a clip, or try 
adding the clip by drag & drop from a file browser to see if the crash still 


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