[Kdenlive-devel] mlt in kdenlive

marco g.marco at freenet.de
Mon Oct 17 17:06:49 UTC 2005

Hi dan dennedy

can you give me a short desc. for valerie and miracle.
i want to know can we use it in the video editor ?
can it (miracle) be used as a "media holder" for the files , or is it only for 
playing a file or list of files ?.

and what is the difference to valeire, it seem to me it makes nearly the same 
then mircale.

best would be that miracle or valerie can hold a westley-xml file that can be 
edited, and loads all files, so we dont need to reopen it for every use.

or would it possible to let miracle/valerie act as a producer for the files ?

mlt is very good i think, and it would be nice if it could handle also stuff 
like this .

How much do you want to pay tomorrow?!

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