[Kdenlive-devel] Rendering hard-coded to rawdv at the moment.

Rolf Dubitzky R.Dubitzky at physi.uni-heidelberg.de
Thu Dec 11 01:30:53 UTC 2003

On Wednesday 10 December 2003 16:39, Jason Wood wrote:
> On Thursday 11 December 2003 00:16, Rolf Dubitzky wrote:
> > > In this case, I was thinking of the "addOutStream" as a replacement for
> > > the "createXWindow" tag that currently exists. Kdenlive would need some
> > > return communication from piave to indicate success and any required
> > > attributes. The only one currently being used is the X window ID when a
> > > video window is created, but a very useful addition would be a unique
> > > identifier for each outstream (future proofing for when we have
> > > multiple outstreams ;-))
> >
> > Ah, ok. good that makes sense.
> Ok, when is a good time to make these changes? (I am happy to do it) How
> close are you to being ready to release a new version of piave? I am
> thinking that these changes should wait until after the bug-fix release of
> piave (and I am tempted to say another release of Kdenlive at the same
> time)

I havend heard from people having compilation problems with CVS. Could you 
reproduce the error? If yes, could you confirm that it is fixed. If yes I can 
make a release tonight.

> I have submitted it as a feature request on the kdenlive project page so it
> does not get forgotten. In the meantime, I'll concentrate on getting
> loading/saving working still ;-)
> Cheers,
> Jason

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