[Kdenlive-devel] Finally, a few keyboard shortcuts.

Vincent vincent at caesar.elte.hu
Wed Apr 30 22:13:05 UTC 2003


my name is Vincent and a while ago I discovered Kdenlive and decided to
give it a try. Looks very promising. Thought I'll let you know that I
just completed a successful compile from CVS.

As I do not have much experience with KDE/Linux/Qt programming, kdbg and
CVS usage (ClearCase is what we use at the office) I decided to give those
a try on kdenlive. Unfortunately I do not have much free time, so do not
expect me to become very active.

Now I am in the initial phase of exploring kdenlive and discovered that
the filesize of my test-DV was displayed incorrect (+2 GB). I noticed that
in 'avfile.h' there are the following definitions:

52: const signed int fileSize();
69: signed int m_filesize;

I propose to make those long. Maybe next time I can give more
sophisticated input ;)


On Sun, 27 Apr 2003, Jason Wood wrote:

> Hi people,
> I finally got round to adding a few keyboard shortcuts. There are still a few 
> difficulties involving the "active monitor" that I need to sort out but it 
> works in principle. At the moment, you change the active monitor by 
> performing an action that affects a monitor. Selecting a clip activates the 
> clip monitor, seeking on the workspace activates the workspace monitor. There 
> is currently no way to simply select a monitor to make it active.
>  Committed now to CVS. Let me know how your compilation goes, etc. 

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