[Kdenlive-devel] Finally, a few keyboard shortcuts.

Rolf Dubitzky R.Dubitzky at Physik.Tu-Dresden.de
Mon Apr 28 06:04:12 UTC 2003

On Sunday 27 April 2003 23:20, Jason Wood wrote:
[... shortcuts...]

Greta, I didn't try it, but it sounds very reasonable. Cool!

> Rolf, how do you think we should go about making this specific? There are a
> couple of possibilities :
> 1. I send a seek command before the play command. This works, but does not
> allow me to set a start/end point which will be useful soon.
> 2. We extend the play command so that there is a "starttime" and "endtime"
> value. If they are omitted from the command, then they are assumed to be
> the current seek position until the end of the file. This could work.
> 3. We add a new command which sets the constraints of starttime and endtime
> (decouple it from the play command). This could be useful, since I like the
> idea of adding a "loop" command in the future to loop a selected piece of
> video/sound. Of course, this could also be done as an option on the play
> command.
> What do you think? (well, I expect your actually still thinking about your
> phd, but if you have the time ;-))

A little thinking is no problem, once in a while ... ;-)  

<play> accepts currently three options (kdenserver.cc:180) start, stop, speed. 
I think speed doesn't work right now, but start and stop should work. Isn't 
that what you need for the in/out points?

For the looping, it would be trivial to add another option:
 <play loop="1">  


P.S.:  In principle, you should get a list of all commands with default 
options with "piave -h", but this seg.faults in 0.2.2 .... :-(

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