[Kdenlive-devel] new tools

Jason Wood jwood at climax.co.uk
Thu Apr 17 09:12:32 UTC 2003

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> From: Reinhard Amersberger [mailto:protux at web.de]
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> Subject: Re: [Kdenlive-devel] new tools
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> > Apropos editing tools:
> > I saw an enhanced cut-tool that shows the actual frame when 
> moving the cursor upon a clip.
> > 
> > I'm not sure if this was already mentioned on the list, but 
> it would be very helpful in my opinion.
> no reply to this matter?
> Don't you like it?
> Or is it already planned?
> Don't understant what I wanted to describe using my poor 
> english skill? ;-)

Oops, thought I had replied to that one :-) Yes, I liked the idea. I tried
to implement it, but the way I coded it was quite inefficient and didn't
work in all cases, so I need to have a second go at implementing it.


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