krunner frustrations: delete doesn't, autocomplete, full history not just 20

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Sat Mar 23 22:40:41 GMT 2024

Duncan posted on Sat, 23 Mar 2024 21:06:52 -0000 (UTC) as excerpted:

> 1) Krunner delete key functionality: [H]ow do I fix the delete key
> to delete to the right of the carat (or with text selected, deletes
> that) just as backspace deletes to the left (or with text selected,
> deletes it)?

Found this one!  Bug from 2020:

Changing shortcut for "Move to Trash" breaks Delete key in text fields/

Since I'm a computer old-timer from before they /had/ fancy delete-that-
doesn't-actually-delete functionality, I've /always/ arranged my 
configuration so trash/recycle is disabled if possible or reduced to 
minimum size/time possible if it can't be disabled, and delete actually 
deletes (with confirmation tho -- but even that was new enough not to be 
consistently available when I started my computer journey, so I just 
learned to be CAREFUL!... and of course to have backups for anything I 
value-ranked the cost of either regenerationg/redownloading or doing 
without to be more than the hassle of doing the backup).

Unfortunately dolphin doesn't appear to let you actually disable trash, 
but it's set to the smallest size possible, 0.01% which on my 20 GiB 
dedicated /home partition is reported to be 2.05 MiB, with cleanup set to 
delete files in the minimum possible time of 1 day, with show a warning 
for full trash, which means if I ever actually /use/ trash by mistake I 
should either get a warning about full trash if the file's bigger than ~2 
MiB, or if it's of a trivial size below that at least it'll hopefully be 
auto-deleted the next day.  Gwenview doesn't have its own setting but 
presumably uses dolphin's.  (Tho I prefer the TUI-based mc/midnight-
commander or CLI commands for sysadmin and most file operations, with 
gwenview for image-management, which leaves little operations space for 
dolpin in any case, tho I do still use it for the occasional trivial 
operation like finding that PDF or audio-file to do something with.)

So I've always had the delete shortcut set to actually delete, and I've 
always disabled the trash shortcut since I don't intend to ever use it in 
any case.

Unfortunately, based on that bug, disabling the trash shortcut apparently 
has the entirely unexpected and unintuitive *BAD* side-effect of disabling 
the delete key actually deleting *TEXT* in text-boxes, as well!!  Go 

OIK, so knowing /that/, I gotta decide whether I want normal delete-
deletes-text functionality, *OR* normal delete-actually-deletes-files (as 
opposed to unintuitively trashing them -- it's not the "trash" key after 
all!), as it seems due to that bug, I can't have BOTH.

Or maybe I dislike both of those alternatives strongly enough to motivate 
digging in the code.  I'm not a dev so that takes me longer than it 
should, but as I'm already building most kde packages from live-git using 
the gentoo/kde packages for that purpose, and am already accustomed to 
following the git logs and occasionally patching something based on some 
commit pointing me at the code in question while doing something else, and 
it should be a trivial modification not needing a bunch of new code (which 
is generally beyond my skill level), it should be possible, even if I have 
to dig this time instead of being pointed at the code by a handy commit 
making other changes to it.

Which leaves #2,3, the autocomplete and full-history-by-default, 

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