How do I get lost windows back?

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at
Sat Mar 2 06:37:59 GMT 2024

hw posted on Wed, 21 Feb 2024 14:20:58 +0100 as excerpted:

>> I believe you're misunderstanding the configuration.  It does make
>> sense,
>> and here's how:
> Ok that's a really long explanation, and it's not what I'm talking
> about.  I hope I can attach a screenshot.
> What I'm talking about is having both the checkboxes enabled for
> Maximize and Tile at the same time.  Both of them are for when dragging
> windows.  That doesn't make sense: The windows that are being dragged
> can only be maximized or tiled, not both at the same time.

They are both for dragging windows, yes, but one is for dragging to top, 
while the other is for dragging to side, and while a window can't be both 
maximized and tiled at the same time, you can't drag it to both the top 
and the side at the same time either (at least not without dragging to a 
corner, which would again be different than dragging to top or side), so 
it makes sense because both the triggers and the triggered actions are 

Further, some people might want to have the flexibility of having both 
actions available so they can choose which action they trigger by which 
edge they drag too, while others might only need one or the other and they 
can disable the one they won't use as unneeded, and still others might use 
neither and they can disable both, so it makes sense to have each as a 
separate checkbox so people can control them separately, which is exactly 
the situation we see and exactly how they are labeled.

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