plasma 6 and xrdp

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Fri Mar 1 14:14:05 GMT 2024

On Friday March 01 2024 12:16:19 hw wrote:

>With xrdp, you can connect with a RDP client just fine if so

Connect with an RDP client to what? An MSWin Pro machine?

Last time I tried to use RDP to connect to a running X11 session I got a VNC equivalent that didn't look any better than what I get with TightVNC's x0vncserver, plus it actually reconfigured the host session resolution, so that was that :D

> Does that also mean that Fedora will compile everything in such a way
> that X11 support is entirely omitted?  Is that even possible?

AFAIK not for anything that requires GTK2, or that uses a Tcl/Tk UI.

Omitting X11 support entirely also means a distro-level decision that remote connections can only be done over RDP or VNC. That sounds like it'd require a lot more set-up effort than simply enabling SSH and using X11 forwarding.

> In any case, it looks as if sooner or later there will be no more X11
> but only Wayland.  And I wonder what the replacement for xrdp will be.

I think you'd have to look at Freedesktop's intentions with XOrg, which may be a little less fatalistic than what distros plan to do with it. For one, Wayland is very Linux-centric, so there has to be incentives from other platforms using X11 to keep the server alive. Which may of course mean just that, fixing bugs and security issues, but more than that isn't really needed, is it?

As to xrdp: it relies on a protocol that is not X11-specific itself. KDE for instance has krdc, which uses FreeRDP behind the scenes (the binary, from what I understand) to provide RDP connections in a Qt shell. I've used that application on my Mac, which means using neither X11 nor Wayland to display a remote desktop.

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