How do I get lost windows back?

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Wed Feb 21 13:20:58 GMT 2024

On Wed, 2024-02-21 at 07:58 +0000, Duncan wrote:
> hw posted on Tue, 20 Feb 2024 17:54:27 +0100 as excerpted:
> > Why does this happen[1], how can I prevent it from happening, and how do
> > I get the lost window back?
> It looks like you already got an answer to this so I'll skip it.  (The 
> post is long enough...)

I still don't know why it happened.  After some doing I managed to get
the window back, but that windows get arbitrarily get moved off the
display shouldn't happen at all.

> > [1]: I think I moved it into the top left corner to see if it would be
> > maximised and/or get tiled and then it somehow disappeared.  In System
> > Settings-->Workspace Behaviour-->Screen Edges,
> FWIW, different path in plasma6. (plasma) system settings > input & output 
> > mouse & touchpad > screen edges.

It says KDE Plasma Version 5.27.10 in the settings.

> > both options were enabled
> > at the same time by default.  That doesn't seem to make sense,
> > and I turned the Maximizing off.
> I believe you're misunderstanding the configuration.  It does make sense, 
> and here's how:

Ok that's a really long explanation, and it's not what I'm talking
about.  I hope I can attach a screenshot.

What I'm talking about is having both the checkboxes enabled for
Maximize and Tile at the same time.  Both of them are for when
dragging windows.  That doesn't make sense: The windows that are being
dragged can only be maximized or tiled, not both at the same time.

And I still don't know what the Behaviour thing is about.  That whole
thing needs quite a lot of work before it might become understandable
by users.

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