How do I get lost windows back?

Richard Troy rtroy at
Fri Feb 23 01:56:17 GMT 2024

On Fri, 23 Feb 2024, René J.V. Bertin wrote:
> Under X11 you will normally run a window manager which will "reparent" 
> every window that it is supposed to manage. IOW, every visible window is 
> usually a child, yes.
> I just brought up the remote possibility that you *might* have managed 
> to unmap your terminal window, somehow. In which case it can be tricky 
> to get it back because the basic purpose of that function is to make a 
> window "disappear". It turns out you probably didn't do this so let's 
> not go deeper down this rabbithole.
> R.


I for one am glad you brought it up and if you'd indulge a simple 
question, I'd like to explore this just a little further... Some of us, 
like me, might find utility in such an ability, and I was unaware of it 
but am now thinking about it...

BTW, even though I use Fedora (for now anyway!) Wayland doesn't work for 
my 6-head display card, so I use x11.

I got it that to unmap I'd need to write a C program using Xlib and call 
XUnmapSubwindows(Display *display, Window w); Not having written an 
Xlib-using program before - or at least not in maybe 30 years! - and not 
feeling a need to get deep into it, is / are there a presumption(s) of 
which window / display is/are the target if they're directly associated 
with the code that's running the unmap call? Same goes for calling 

I'm contemplating a simple utility that would have a window disappear but 
monitor the world and if / when conditions change would remap itself. If 
this gets "deep in the weeds," I'll likely not bother but if the code is 
simple enough, I might go for it!

Thanks René,

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