Plasma freezes after login

Michael Eager eager at
Wed Sep 13 16:40:16 BST 2023

On 9/13/23 03:37, René J.V. Bertin wrote:
> On Tuesday September 12 2023 17:12:14 Michael Eager wrote:
>> CTRL-ALT-F1 displays the grub splash screen.  I can get a virtual
> That seems odd, to keep that running after the initial boot step!

Well, it's the black screen which says "fedora" at the bottom.  Maybe 
not from grub.

>> console with CTRL-ALT-F3.  Oddly enough, I can log in on this virtual
>> console, run startx, and get a plasma screen.
> So your initial, frozen session is at console #2? What happens if you switch back to it? I didn't mention that in my previous mail, but that's what the "salvation" process is: switch to another virtual console and then back again.
> Is your 2nd plasma session fully operational as you'd expect?

No, it goes back to the black screen with a cursor, non-responsive.

If I "killall" in F3 and switch back to F2, I see the login screen.  If 
I enter my password, the screen freezes.  After some time, it turns 
black and displays only the cursor.

> Maybe looking at the timestamps of the *rc and *.ini files in ~/.config refreshes your memory of those last changes you made!

I'm going to recreate my home directory from scratch, as before, and 
track the changes I make.  Maybe there will be a clue.

Michael Eager

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